Technology Things to do in NYC
14 Oct

Touring, living and working in the greatest city on earth is fun for everyone regardless of age, gender or country of origin. But when you are a Tech Geek, it brings a whole new meaning to the word fun! You will never run out of technology things to do in NYC! If you do, just call 911. Seriously, the streets are dotted with thousands of geeky attractions – from the magnificent Apple stores and Nintendo stores to wonderlands like the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. How could anyone get bored? For a tech geek, being in New York City is like being invited to one big fat buffet; you can eat all you but you can’t really take anything away, so yeah, you get the point, but here the feeding is with your eyes and wallet!

If you are planning a visit to NYC, the New York Pass is a must have! You can get more for less and save big with this smart card which gives you completely cashless entrance to many attractions. Here is the mind-blower; the more attractions you visit, the more you save! Yes, you got that right, the more you see and experience the less you end paying for all the tours and attractions. And as if this were not enough, you get to save your time, as you don’t have to stand in line for hours to pay for a slot to enter the attraction just to be disappointed in the end, when they call it a day and you simply cannot get in. With this smart card, you can confirm your bookings online ahead of time using your special online confirmation number. Also, on arrival at most attractions, you skip to the front of the line. All you have to do is swipe your card, and you are in before everyone!

To all of you gadget collectors out there planning on visiting NYC, your tour is incomplete without walking into one of those high-end Apple Stores. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple stores get so many customers into shopping malls they can increase the sales in the entire mall by more than 10 percent! These geniuses of retail could negotiate for cheaper rent rate!

While at it, remember to visit the Nintendo Store in the legendary Rockefeller Center, Manhattan. This site is the top priority for video gaming die-hards, or if you are looking for the perfect gift for gaming fan in your life, this is the go-to place for all your gaming needs. Experience the ultimate gaming experiences with entire video walls interfaces.
The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is the one attraction you shouldn’t miss if you are Visiting NYC with Kids. This is simply awesome with interactive and educative tech geeky activities for the kids. It’s free and a great way for the kids to have fun in NYC!

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Technology Things to do in NYC