Slip and Fall Accident
26 Sep

Slip and fall accidents affect millions of people globally and end up costing victims time, money and health risks, should they require expensive treatment. Serious, even fatal, injuries can occur from a slip and fall accident. The sad thing is the majority of people are victims of careless mistakes of commercial and residential building owners, including restaurants, which often have slippery floors. These business owners leave hazardous conditions unattended. The victims mostly do not know they have the legal right to hold property owners accountable for their negligence.

The Floor Safety Institute reports that more than 4,000,000 restaurant employees and guests are injured as a result of restaurant slips and falls annually and it is estimated the Food Service Industry spends more than $2 billion each year for these slip and fall accidents. Restaurant Slip and falls can cause serious financial losses due to lost time, medical bills, investigations, bad publicity and increased insurance costs.

Hazardous conditions are the leading cause of slip and fall accidents in restaurants. Examples include:

  • Wet floor
  • Poor lighting
  • Flooring transitions (tile to wood)
  • Torn carpet

Slip and fall cases fall under the legal category of ‘premises liability’ cases, which may go to trial or be settled, seeing to it that you, the plaintiff, is adequately compensated for your troubles. Should you find yourself a victim of such a slip and fall accident and you feel it was the negligence of the owners that caused you to suffer that fate, here are the steps you should take to ensure you win a slip and fall settlement.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Document the Slip and Fall

There is a heavy burden here to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the owner of the property acted carelessly to the effect that the accident occurred. You also have to demonstrate that it was not your fault that you fell and that the hazardous condition has been there long enough for the owner to fix it but has failed to do so out of sheer negligence.
Writing down the details of the accurate account of things as they were while they are still fresh in your memory will prevent the scenario where you fumble in court and lose the case.

Take pictures on your smartphone of the cause of your slip and fall accident, what you are wearing and your injuries. This will come in handy to prove your case.

Also record the reaction of any of the company employees who witness your accident. For example, if they apologize, this may be construed as confessing to having known of the danger and feeling responsible for your injury.

Visit Your Physician

Visit a doctor and have them examine your body for hidden and visible wounds, always keeping the records to show that the injuries occurred due to the accident.

Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney

Now that you are getting ready for a legal battle with the people whose negligence and indifference caused your accident, you need a knight to fight for you. A personal injury lawyer will know how to go about getting you a quick win or even better, a settlement, before your case ever goes to trial. This is only going to happen if you show them you mean business by hiring a high-end lawyer like the ones you find at National Injury Lawyers.

Remember to be honest with your lawyer and show them every last piece of evidence and the truth, the real truth of what happened before, during and after your accident. Your NYC Slip and Fall Attorney should then tell you honestly what the likely outcome of the case might be and hopefully win your settlement!

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Discuss Key Case Details